Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad - EP-P4300


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What comes in the box

Good news — All our phones / tablets and smartwatches comes boxed in a generic box with a 3 pin CE certified plug and a data / charging cable.

Please note all our plugs and cables are generic and are CE / MFI certified.

Free 48 hour delivery & 14 days Peace of Mind

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Wireless Charging:

The Samsung EP-P4300 boasts Qi wireless charging compatibility, ensuring seamless charging for a wide range of devices. It's designed to charge two devices simultaneously, allowing you to power up your smartphone and smartwatch or earbuds without the clutter of multiple chargers and cables.

Fast Charging:

This charging pad supports fast wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy devices, including the latest Galaxy S and Note series phones, delivering up to 7.5W of power. For other Qi-compatible devices, it provides a maximum output of 5W, ensuring efficient and rapid charging.

Device Placement Flexibility:

The EP-P4300 features a large charging surface with dual charging zones, providing flexibility in how you position your devices. You can charge your phone in portrait or landscape mode while keeping an eye on notifications or watching content.

LED Charging Indicators:

Stay informed about your charging status with the built-in LED indicators. They provide at-a-glance information, so you'll always know when your devices are charging and when they're fully charged.

Built-in Cooling Fan:

To ensure efficient and safe charging, this charger includes a built-in cooling fan that dissipates heat, preventing overheating during the charging process. You can charge your devices with peace of mind, knowing they're protected.


Samsung has crafted the EP-P4300 with a minimalist and modern design that complements any environment. Its slim profile and premium finish make it an attractive addition to your home or workspace.

Input and Output Ports:

The charger is powered via a USB Type-C port, which is a versatile and widely used connector. This makes it easy to find compatible cables and power sources. Additionally, it offers a USB-A port for charging a third device, such as a tablet or another smartphone.


The Samsung EP-P4300 is compatible with a wide range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy S series, Note series, and other Qi-enabled devices, such as Apple iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and various wireless earbuds.

Safety Features:

Samsung prioritizes safety, and the EP-P4300 is no exception. It comes with overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and foreign object detection to ensure safe and reliable charging for your valuable devices.